About Us

Take a look at our logo, and you’ll see what Sierra Outdoor Living is all about.

The Zia Indian symbol for the sun, drawn from owner James Sierra’s Native American heritage, includes a red circle in the center with four rays radiating North, South, East and West. These rays represent not only the four points of the compass but also the four seasons of the year and the four periods of each day – a celebration of nature and of life.

Sierra Outdoor Living dedicates itself to helping families celebrate the days and seasons of their lives in a beautiful, natural outdoor living space or landscape. We enhance your enjoyment of life while respecting and celebrating the environment. Everything we do, from decks and pergolas to masonry and landscaping, reflects our skills, our experience and our love of the natural world.

Experience the Sierra difference in your own life by giving yourself and your loved ones a taste of the authentic Texas landscape, with plants selected for hardiness in the local climate and building materials that look as good as they last. Don’t just dress up your home – make it a Sierra home!


Meet the Owner

SierraFamilyI was literally born into the landscaping business, and by the time I was seven years old I found myself planting seedlings and working in the nursery. As a teenager I’d work every summer on big jobs in San Antonio, installing plants and trees and later working as a mason apprentice. I spent many years honing my masonry skills through first-hand experience working on homes while deepening my knowledge of landscaping and hardscaping. I learned with my own hands how quality materials and workmanship felt, looked and performed – and when the time came for me to launch my own business, I built Sierra Outdoor Living to hold by those standards.

When your business carries your name, you have no place to hide – you are judged by your results. The materials and equipment I use, and the service I give my customers, all reflect directly on me, and so I insist on the best. I’ve been known to have my crews tear down a finished project because it didn’t meet my standards of quality. At Sierra, “good” is never good enough. If you’re paying for a gorgeous deck, garden, patio, lawn or other outdoor construction project, you want something that will delight you and your family – not just now, but for many years to come. The Sierra name – my name – depends on it.

I look forward to hearing from you and giving you a FREE consultation and estimate on your next project.

James Sierra Owner, Sierra Outdoor Living



Patrick Corder, Operations Manager / Landscape Designer